Retraining from Cat B1.1 to B1.3 and B1 to B2    

Together with NHV and Petrus & Paulus West, we have submitted a funding application to ESF (European Social Fund). This application was recently approved, and the project has been launched. Our project is named ‘ROTATE U’. 

Goal of the project
The project “Rotate U” is enabling the transition of aircraft technicians to become Type Trained helicopter technicians, who are ready to become Certifying Staff. The partners can offer together a (1) basic retraining process, (2) certification and (3) Helicopter Type specialization in one single training program. Within the project Rotate U, the partners are offering 2 retraining processes:

1.    Retraining for Aircraft Technician (Mechanical) to become a Helicopter Technician (specific Category B1.1 to B1.3 + Type Training)

2.    Retraining for Aircraft Technicians (Mechanical) to “add-on” the Avionic Technician certification (including a Avionics Type Training)

The promoter of Rotate U is NHV, which is a rapidly expanding helicopter operator and MRO service provider. The growth ambitions of NHV pose important challenges, especially on Human Resources as the required technical profiles become harder to find. The ESF project enables the partners to start an EASA PART-147 training academy. The trainings offered will lead to the education or professional qualification of helicopter technicians, strengthening the Flemish MRO sector.

Both retraining programs are open for other companies and individuals who want to take the next step in their career. We will Rotate U!!!

Northsea Helicopters Vlaanderen (NHV)

Petrus & Paulus West
Aircraft Maintenance College 66 (AMC66)

Supporting Partners
Sabena Aerospace

Stay tuned!
In January 2021 our project will officially start. Stay tuned on our website and LinkedIn!