Aircraft Maintenance College 66 (or AMC66) is an aircraft maintenance training organisation. We support international organisations and educational centres with trainings which meet EASA Part-147 training standards and we can provide Part-66 approved module examinations.  

Currently we are providing regular Part-66 module examinations at various locations with our partners.

Individuals who want to pass EASA Part-66 module examinations to obtain an Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML) can contact us directly. 

Remark added on 10-Dec-2020: AMC66 has the privileges (like each Basic EASA Part-147) to conduct examination at locations which are not listed on the approval Certificate (EASA Part-147.A.145). In such cases the Dutch Authority must select the Questions. For the exams session in Sharjah this will be the case. So although the location from Sharjah is not mentioned on the approval certificate (yet), AMC66 has the priviledge to conduct examinations.