After months of preparation, AMC66 has received the accreditation as a Military NLD-MAR-147 Approved Maintenance Training Organization. We are proud to be accredited as one of the first commercial organizations in Europe to be compliant with these standards. 

AMC66 has been approved to train and examine the Military Specific System Modules 50 to 55, i.a.w. NLD-MAR-66.

The NLD-MAR-66 are the Dutch Military Regulations for Certifying Staff and are compliant with the EDA EMAR-66 (European Military Airworthiness Regulations). In the EMAR-66, six additional modules have been added to the 17 (EASA) Basic Modules, which are almost identical to the EASA Part-66 modules. The following modules were added:

  • Module 50 - Principles of Armament
  • Module 51 - Weapons Systems
  • Module 52 - Operational Attack Systems
  • Module 53 - Surveillance and Electronic Warfare
  • Module 54 - Crew Safety
  • Module 55 - Military Communication Systems

After successful completion, students will receive a recognized military Certificate of Recognition.  

Depending on the aircraft/helicopter type these modules will become mandatory as a prerequisite for type training and for the issuing of a Military Aircraft Maintenance License (MAML).

We are proud to assisted some countries in the transition towards the EMAR's. Feel free to contact us.