With this statement we want to inform you that Aircraft Maintenance College 66 (AMC66) discovered a breach of the examination security. Due to this fact, AMC66 has nullified/revoked all and every Certificate of Recognition issued for the following examination sessions conducted together with Freesky FZE:

  • Aug 2020 (Sharjah)
  • Oct 2020 (Sharjah)
  • Dec 2020 (Sharjah)
  • Apr 2021 (Karachi (Pakistan))
  • Jun 2021 (Sharjah)
  • Aug 2021 (Sharjah)
  • Sept/Oct 2021 (Abu Dhabi)


As the Certificates of Recognition are revoked a re-examination is required.

The Dutch NAA has informed all the EASA member state authorities (Thursday 16-dec-2021) that all the certificates related to the above examination sessions are revoked. Certificates issued (related to the above Examination sessions) can’t be used as proof of knowledge to any Aviation Authority or Maintenance Organisation. 

On our website we have a tool, to verify the status of each Certificate of Recognition issued by Aircraft Maintenance College 66 BV.

As per the agreement, Freesky FZE is responsible for the communication with the students.